What is The Fastest-Growing Plant?

The vast kingdom of Plantae consists of various plant species, ranging from mosses, ferns, flowering plants, conifers, and many more. With that being said, there are exemplary plants like the most giant flowering plant or the tallest grass. But have you ever wondered what the fastest-growing plant is?

According to the Guinness World Records, the fastest-growing plant is the Bamboo Plant. In fact, it grows so fast that some of its species can grow 2.91 meters per day or 1.5 inches per hour. One of the largest bamboo species is called the Dendrocalamus sinicus. This bamboo species can grow as tall as half of the Statue of Liberty. Read more about bamboo facts below.

For bamboo to grow, they use its energy to develop its roots and grow more during spring. Their bodies are linked to their parent plant called a rhizome, which implies that they won’t grow leaves until they reach their maximum height. This also means that all of its energy is directed solely toward developing its enormously long stem since it grows on a constant diameter.

A fun fact about bamboo is that it is not a tree but grass. It is the only type of grass that can independently develop into a forest. Its ability to reproduce even after harvesting enables it to sprout from its root system and regenerate quickly. However, it takes about 1 to 4 years for bamboo to mature and be a wood-like material fully. 

Fastest-Growing Plant From Seed

Now that we know the fastest-growing plant, it’s time for us to know the fastest-growing plants from seed. If you’re planning to grow a garden full of flowers or try and plant some veggies to consume, this one is for you!

Cornflowers are one of the fastest-growing flowers on this list. They appear in bright colors of blue, white, red, pink, and many more. Annual cornflowers take about 7 to 14 days to germinate, while perennial cornflowers can take 21 to 28 days. But to achieve such a result, you must plant them in slightly alkaline garden soil and a sunny spot.

Squash amazes you with its impressive germination time of 6 to 12 days germination time! To ensure that they grow at their best state, provide lots of room for your squash to grow as they will grow humongous. They are also heavy feeders and benefit from organic matter from the soil.


Poppies are following with their whopping 8 to 15 days of sprout. The fastest-growing poppies, which are the California poppies, only take about 60 days to bloom! But to ensure you will get the best bloom, they must be planted in well-draining soil while fed and watered regularly. 

Third on this list is our ever-so-blooming sunflower. This bright and blooming flower takes about two months to achieve full bloom. If you’re interested in eating sunflower seeds, you will have to wait another month to enjoy these healthy snacks. For them to grow, they need 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Turnips are one of the fastest-germinating vegetables on this list. They have this iconic crunch, and their flavor depends on whether they are cooked or raw. They mature quickly and only take about 5 to 10 weeks before you can munch on them. To grow a turnip at home, you must water them consistently and time your season depending on when you want to harvest them. 

Beets are pretty neat when it comes to sprouting. This vegetable is either roasted or boiled. Its bright reddish-purple color gives its distinction from the rest of the veggies. They only take about 8 to 10 weeks in fair climates and grow best under loose soils. 

Petunias are loved flowers due to their beautiful blooms, good fragrance, and long flowering period. This flower can take 10 to 12 weeks to grow, which is still pretty fast. To achieve the best growth for these flowers, you must deadhead (remove dead flowers) to encourage new growth. They also require full sun, like sunflowers, and the soil should not be too wet. 

What Are Good Ways To Make Plants Grow Faster?

Growing plants is tough, even for those people with a green thumb. It requires tons of patience, attention to detail, dedication, and love. Growing your own plant at home can be very fulfilling, but there are factors to consider in growing plants, let alone faster.

To grow plants faster, here are the things you need to consider:

  1. Soil – For a plant to grow faster, its soil must contain nutrients like water, organic matter, fertilizers, air, phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. These components will ensure that your plants will grow swiftly and healthily. Choosing the right kind of soil is also crucial for the plant’s development. Know which soil suits the best for your desired plant. 
  2. Water – Make sure to water your plants just enough. Plants with too little water will dry up and wilt, while plants with too much water will rot the plant’s roots. Watering adequately and just right will help the water carry nutrients from the roots to the leaves. Making a drainage for the excess water to flow out is also vital.
  3. Temperature – Plants also react according to the temperature they are in. Depending on the plant, some can respond more sensitively than others. During cold weather, make sure to invest in a heat lamp or cover your plants to prevent them from frost. 
  4. Light – Sunlight is fundamental for photosynthesis to occur. Hence, sunlight is necessary for plants to convert sunlight into energy which will help them grow and develop. 
  5. Compost/Fertilizers – You can choose either organic or chemical fertilizers or composts to enhance the quality of your soil further. Gently spread or scatter the fertilizers on the soil and water it. Easy peasy.

These are just some factors you need to consider to grow plants more quicker. If you put in a little bit of love and dedication, the growth of your plants will be it reflection.

What Are The Top 5 Fastest Growing Plants?

You might think of plants’ growth as a slow process, but there are still plants that grow at an impressive rate. Within short years, some plants can go enormously. Let’s have a glance at some of the quickest-growing plants. 

  1. Bamboo makes an appearance again with its incredible feats of growth. Due to its fast regeneration, it is a suitable material for sustainable and eco-friendly products. 
  2. Hybrid Polar is one of the fastest-growing trees out there. It only takes five years for it to be harvestable.
  3. Algae quickly grow on ponds, oceans, lakes, and moist soils that are exposed to sunlight. They only take about a month to grow before you can harvest them.
  4. Duckweed is the tiniest flowering and fastest growing plant. It undergoes a life cycle every 30 hours. 
  5. Eastern cottonwood grows from 10 to 15 feet a year and is one of the fastest-growing trees in North America. Even after its complete phase, it can still put up another 5 feet per year in height.

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