Do Pineapples Grow Underground? Important Facts!

Pineapples with their prickly appearance are one of the sweetest fruits you can find. One taste and you’re immediately transported to a tropical vacation. Pineapples have been cultivated on the islands for many centuries. But the question is do pineapples grow underground?

Some believe pineapples grow on trees or even underground but pineapples in fact do not grow on trees or underground. It actually grows above the ground on a plant that has spiky leaves. And it can take up to three years for one single pineapple to mature and become a ripe fruit.

Pineapples can’t mature once they’ve been harvested. So once you’ve picked a pineapple and you’re actually waiting for signs that it’s going to ripen it will more than likely spoil instead. To learn more about how pineapples grow and how to plant them keep reading below.

Do Pineapple Plants Only Produce One Pineapple?

Pineapple plants will only flower once, and it only produces one pineapple. After that, it dies but before it actually dies it will produce offspring. They are called suckers or pups.

They grow in between the leaves of the mature pineapple. Certain varieties produce more pups than others. And some of them will start earlier while others will start later.

How Do You Grow Pineapples in the Ground?

Usually, you will start with the top of a shop-bought pineapple. You should let it dry for a day or two to let it cure. And then you make a small hole in the ground and you set your pineapple in that hole.

Push the soil into the hole around the pineapple top. And water the soil around the pineapple top. And that’s it, it should grow into a pineapple plant.

How much Space Do Pineapples Need?

The roots of the plant don’t necessarily need a lot of space. However, the plant itself can actually grow to an impressive size. So you want to space them apart enough so they have room to grow together if you plan on planting more than one pineapple plant.

You should plant them about a foot apart, you can expect the individual plants to be up to a meter across and a meter high.

Pineapple Plant

How Much Water Do Pineapples Need?

Pineapple plants need very little water. You should make sure that the soil is thickly mulched. This will ultimately reduce evaporation. And you should grow your pineapples under a bit of shade.

This really just depends on the climate that you live in. If your area is closer to tropical or subtropical then the more shade your pineapple plants can handle. If you live somewhere where you have winter and need to grow your pineapples in the house, your pineapple plants will need a lot more sun in the summer.

It is important to have water sitting on the rosette in the middle of the pineapple plants. Any extra water will run off and drain away from the plant. But you should avoid over-watering them.

What Plant Food Should You Use?

Pineapple plants actually take up a lot of nutrition through their leaves. And during the first few months, the pineapple plants will rely only on their leaves. So it is important that the plant food lands on the leaves.

You shouldn’t use artificial or concentrated fertilizers because they will burn your pineapple. I would recommend staying far away from those. They will do way more harm than they ever will do good.

You should use fish emulsion or seaweed extract. Make sure you dilute the solution and then use a watering can to put the solution on the pineapple plants and on the soil that surrounds them.

If instead, you decide to use pelleted chicken manure, you should sprinkle it on the soil around the base of the pineapple plant. And make sure to put some directly onto the leaves of the pineapple plants.

But the absolute best way to do it is by using a natural and organic solution that you don’t have to buy. You can mix compost in with the soil you’re going to use before you start planting your pineapple plants. And then make sure to mulch it thickly around the base of the plant.

This will make mulch and compost sit in the bottom leaves. And when it breaks down it ultimately feeds the pineapple plants.

The color of the leaves will ultimately tell you how well your pineapple plant is doing. Reddish, purple leaves mean that your pineapple plant is starving.

When Do Pineapples Fruit?

It all depends on the specific variety you are growing and the climate of your area. Also how well you take care of them, meaning if you use plant food and how much you water them. And it depends on whether you have planted tops, suckers, or slips.

If you are growing pineapples from the tops of store-bought pineapples it can take up to 24 months for the plants to fruit. Planting suckers can take up to 18 months and if you plant from slips it can take a year for the plants to fruit.

Pineapple plants will flower once its big enough. But the better you take care of it and give it plant food the sooner it will actually flower. If you grow pineapple plants outside of a tropical area they will take much longer to flower.

After your pineapple plant flowers, you will have to wait another six months for the fruit to finally mature. And once the fruit begins to yellow that means it’s time to harvest. But if the fruit actually starts to look like it’s sunburned you should harvest it immediately and leave it on the kitchen counter for a few days.

In Summary

Pineapple plants are a long investment but they can be a lot of fun to grow in your garden. They in fact don’t grow underground but above ground on plants that have very spiky leaves. How fast they grow really depends on what you use to grow them whether it be tops, suckers, or slips.

Each one grows at a different rate. But if you take good care of your plants they will fruit and you will have something very delicious to eat.

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