What Are The Best Vegetables To Plant In A Front Yard Garden?

Planting and growing our own vegetables has been done for ages, nowadays it’s very easy and popular.  I started with a simple thing as tomatoes, they need a lot of sunlight. Lettuce, potatoes, and different types of kale are also very easy to grow. 

Living on a farm as I do, my family and I try to grow as much as we can ourselves. The thought of harvesting and eating something we followed from seed to vegetable is impressive. Some vegetables can be planted from a bag of seeds, such as radishes, carrots, peas, and beans. If you live in a cold country, you might need a greenhouse for some vegetables, like cucumber. 

Lettuce is a very fast-growing vegetable, that tends to grow a lot. Different kinds of herbs are also very easy to grow and perfect to just pick a few for a meal or decoration. Also, the smell of fresh herbs in your garden is magical. Different types of cabbage and onions are also easy. When you decided on what vegetables to plant, make sure your garden space is in a sunny place with good soil and close to a water tap. During the summer your vegetables will need a lot of water. Most vegetables can be planted outside as soon as the soil is free from frost.

There is no doubt that tomatoes are the easiest vegetable to grow, aside from lettuce. The first thing I did when we decided to start growing our own vegetables was plant beans and peas. They grow very fast and also tasted very good. Tomatoes were the second thing. They come in many different kinds, where cherry tomatoes are easiest, to begin with. During the entire summer, I took care of them and it’s always a special taste with something you grew yourself.

Aside from lettuce and tomatoes, we also created small gardens and experimented with new things, such as pepper, onions, Pak Choy, cauliflower, chili, cabbage, corn, and kale. Most of the vegetables turned out well, but some were a little hard.

Maybe we had bad soil, or maybe it needed to rain more. From my experience, the easiest vegetables to grow are beans, peas, and berries like strawberries. What we focused the most on this year were potatoes. The plan was to have potatoes for a whole year, and we did. It’s easy to plant potatoes, they can not be put too close to each other, and they need a lot of water.

Can You Have A Garden In The Front Yard?

If you don’t have a lot of space for a big garden then you might just want to grow your favorite vegetables. Things that are easy to plant and grow fast. I just mentioned some vegetables that are very easy.

A garden is so much more than just vegetables, it’s a lifestyle. I’m living on a farm with endless opportunities to grow organic food, and it’s also cheaper. Figure out your goal with your garden, why you want a garden and what do you want to grow. You can both save money and eat something you planted yourself. With a garden comes new possibilities and healthy living.

Successful Garden!

What Vegetable Is Best Planted All Year Round?

Some vegetables do better when planted during the hot summer months or in the cooler fall and winter months, but others can grow year-round. This is very depending on where in the world you live. For those who have a stable climate a year-round garden is possible.

During the spring, plant herbs like parsley, rosemary, sage, lavender, thyme, oregano, and dill, as well as marjoram, and mint. Sprouting may be difficult during the cooler fall and winter months. You should, however, have a thriving herb garden throughout the year once it is established. Also, cabbage can be planted during the late months, ideally from October to December, depending on the weather.

If you live in a warmer climate like the Mediterranean you will be able to grow lettuce and leafy greens all year round. It is possible to plant and grow even if you are not lucky enough to be living in a warm climate. As long as there is sunlight you can use a greenhouse for your favorite vegetables. You could also grow vegetables on an indoor windowsill in a sunny location during the winter. Make sure the plants receive water, heat, and sunlight.

What Vegetable Comes Back Every Year?

There are some vegetables that we call perennials, that we only plant once and can harvest many times. I have always been a fan of rhubarb, which counts as perennial.

Rhubarb is an easy and tasty vegetable. When we moved to this farm I took the rhubarb plants with me, put them in a sunny spot with well-drained soil, and watched them grow and spread. I can usually pick them up several times between spring and fall. During the winter they take a break but always come back. Chives and garlic are also very easy to grow and can survive winter and cold climates. When I was younger I got a plant with blue grapes, hoping that they grow big, but soon discovered that I live in a country that is too cold.

I am sure that with a greenhouse those grapes would have been bigger than the size of peas. When moving to the farm we discovered a lot of trees and bushes with perennial characteristics, such as black and red currant, red and green gooseberries, seven different apple trees, and a tree with yellow cherries. These perennials are very easy to take care of since they grow free and basically only need sun and water.

Besides what’s on my farm, asparagus and watercress are great perennials. Almost every berry you can find in a forest comes back every year; blueberries, raspberries, and occasionally even strawberries.

During the late summer I enjoy picking blueberries and making sweet blueberry pie, and in the fall lingonberries are a favorite.

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